Ashley Graham Slams theFashion Industry for Labeling Models as ‘Plus-Size’ – Live News 247

Ashley Graham Slams theFashion Industry for Labeling Models as ‘Plus-Size’ – Live News 247   is tired of being sub-categorized as being anything other than “just a model.” And we are here for it.  When talking with The Project on March 7, the Sports Illustrated beauty criticized the industry for labeling curvy models as “plus size.” Fresh from stepping off the runway at a Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival show, the 31-year-old talked about being the clothing category and her distaste for retouching. Happy Women’s History Month! Shop Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Products That Give Back  “To have an industry say, ‘Oh, this is the plus size model’. Why do we have to describe a woman because of a number inside of her pants? Why can’t we just say her name or her occupation and that be it,” she said, pointing out that men aren’t labeled any other way. “They don’t say my plus size friend whoever. So why would women have to do it.” Good point!  Closing the show, the brunette beauty wore two ensembles: one black Thurley dress and an aqua gown by Jason Gretch.  She didn’t just have choice words about terminology for sizes beyond 14. She also opened up about her feelings about Photoshop. “There’s still so much retouching that’s happening, trying to change who we are,” she said. “But I think that models and women of a certain size start standing up and saying, ‘hey, we’re demanding that you respect us. And that you don’t change who we are.’”  These strong opinions come from years of working in an industry where people seemingly want to change how others look. “I’ve had people manipulating my body for years. But I stand firm of who I am.”  Graham has been an outspoken and articulate force behind the body positive movement since her start in the industry. And the fact that she’s doing it without labeling is even more of a fete.