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Issa de mar For our upcoming collab , I was asked why I yoga? Is it spiritual is there an underlying depth to my practice? Is it out of love that’s pure or proof? Whatever reasoning is beautiful : What started out as exercise in August 2015 became a whole new lifestyle that incorporated my love for movement and dance, a life I’ve grown accustomed since I was a kid – staying active. I yoga because of the community of individuals who have sought the practice that solely existed thousands of years ago and passed down . We commit to a practice that journeys into self realization and the discipline it takes to shift focus which makes it a practice ( ) . Spiritual ? Yes, but how we incorporate the spirit in tuned with who we are embodies everything we do in yoga. The community is not filled with “saints” rather individuals who seek a lifestyle as a haven to create mindfulness. I receive love in all shapes from yoga and the healing it brings my students. Without negativity we are not able to challenge ourselves with each posture faced, we are in self doubt or judgmental . We are human. My practice is my own lifestyle , I fall in love with the journey of others I see on social media but even more so if done for the right reasons – yoga out of pure love and heart rather than a trending sport to please. join me on Mondays ! My students are the best teachers :) may we get a yoga life, fit life, spiritual life, any form to enrich and power our soul. Namaste Pc , May likes be counted as inspired blessings to fill anyones day – love and light 🦀

Issa de mar Have a good morning today ! Enjoy an afternoon to evening community event at Vino and Vinyasa tonight at the Moana Surfrider 6pm. Stretch your body and center your mind with instructor Naomi Iwabuchi of Corepower and Power yoga! See you there . Pc thank you Bikini

Issa de mar Black Point, Saltwater Infinity Pool Express the free flowing element of water within your yoga practice to connect easily with others. Combine the earth and water in a series of postures that allow a calm rooted sense of “satisfaction” and being “enough”. These 3 poses connect the 2: Cobra, pigeon, and tiger. What element do you invoke? Join me next week Monday for intro to basics and Vino and Vinyasa tomorrow taught by the talented .oms Moana Surfrider. Pc Location Bikini Morocco top in ivory